One third of a year: a status update

I have been away from my site and pages for a long time. It was the end of 2022 when I last logged in and updated my blog, we have now reached the end of the first quadrimester of 2023.

If I look back at the goals I had set for myself, I can say I failed almost all of them! I am not bothered by it at all though, because I reached the most important for me: move to my own apartment.

Back before the pandemic some stuff had appened that caused me to have to move back with my parents. It was supposed to be a temporary solution, except the Universe had other plans for me! Or perhaps I should say the Universe had plans to ruin Humanity's plans. And COVID-19 hit us. And so I was stuck.

I have finally moved to my own place!

Now I have the rest of the year to catch up on eating healthy, exercising, driving again, reading, and meditating regularly.

My mind is in a much better place now, so picking these up should be easier. The main obstacles will be being so stressed out and tired at work all the time, and the disruption to my routine caused by travel.

Let's start with the one that is affected the least by travel and hard work: eating healthy. Let's see if I can go a month eating reasonably* ealthy!

[*] Life is too short and a healthy mind is too important for a restrictive diet!