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Melyanna's Journal


Today was another long day, however I am quite proud of the meal I cooked: it tasted good and I used up some veggies that needed to be used ASAP. I also managed to clean the kitchen, do some laundry, and get my stuff ready for tomorrow's commute to the office.

My domain now points to my Smol Pub page. I am quite happy about it as I finally have a Gemini first home that is mirrored automatically on the www.

With my tilde, this place here, the domain page, etc... my stuff is all over the place! I'll have to tidy it all up at some point and maybe even cancel accounts I don't really use.

This will also help with publishing more quality content that could actually be useful or interesting for those stumbling upon my sites.


I have added a contact form to my page! It is powered by Riku, another amazing project by m15o.


Today I had a really *long* work day. I finished so late I didn't even take the trash out on time, when I went downstairs it had already been collected (it's paper recycling day today).

I also am on a low fiber diet for tomorrows check up, so no pizza or beer (my usual on Wednesday evening), and had really sad news about a coworker. A crappy day overall.


I've been doing better recently, so I took the opportunity to go to a new store for some extra groceries - I know it sounds easy enough, but because of my pesky brain I actually have to push myself to go outside my comfort zone, even for something so small.

I have a medical exam this week which requires eating low fiber-food and this is harder than I thought! I had no idea my diet was so fiber heavy! I am actually quite nervous about this test, and am torn between wanting it to be cancelled for some supernatural causes, or wanting it to be over ASAP.

My work day has been intense, but I managed to do some cleaning and some exercise, and I will spend some time reading later today. So overall this was a good day.


Today is Labour Day here in Italy and I took a nice day off, which I used to pick up again some of the things I had put on hold due to being tired, burnt out, and worried about moving out of my parents house.

I turned on my personal laptop again after a long pause, and looked at my journals and notes. So much stuff I wanted to do that I left lingering! I want to get back on track with my personal projects, ideas, but I especially want to get back on track with my health, as I've been neglecting it. This is the only body and only life that I have, I should know better! It is really hard though to find resilience when one is burnt out and feeling tired, and even if iI focus on how good it feels to take care of your own health, it is sometimes difficult to find the required resilience and not give up.

I also need to get out of the "all or nothing" mindset where I only consider a day "good" if I have done absolutely everything: that's how you get discouraged.

Anyway, thanks to the National Holiday, today I was actually able to read, exercise a little bit, and get a good amount of rest. I also cooked my own food and it was delicious and healthy (one of the best perks of being in Italy is the easy access to fresh veggies and great food that tastes amazing).

I would like to add some more self care steps to my days: drink more water, stretch, massage, deep clean the house.

I would also like to revisit my goals now that I have reached my major one, and laser focus on the others I had left behind. Just need to make sure I take this one step at a time and push myself when I feel down.

Starting small, I want to get up a bit earlier tomorrow and spend some time exercising and reviewing my past journal entries before my work day starts. I also want to take a full lunch break (this doesn't happen often!) in which I get out of the house a bit.


It's been 124 days since my last update. It is *a lot* of time:

  • 10,713,600 seconds.
  • 178,560 minutes.
  • 2976 hours.
  • 124 days.
  • 17 weeks and 5 days.
  • 33.97% of a common year (365 days).

During all this time I have worked a lot, celebrated Christmas with my family, spent New Year in Vienna, traveled to Finland and back many times (long distance relatioships are expensive), moved to my own apartment.

Righy now I am enjoying alone time in my apartment. Moving was the right decision: even if I now need to be extra careful with what I spend, being on my own has done wonders for my mental health.

I struggle a bit still with anxiety and whatnot, but there has been a measurable imrpovement. Even so, if by the end of Summer I am still struggling, I will get therapy.


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